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Elevate Your Space with Note Design : Thinking Differently in Interior Excellence Since 2016

At Note Design, we're not just an interior firm – we're a creative force that reimagines spaces. Established in 2016, our core vision is to break free from the ordinary and think differently. We infuse every project with boundless creativity, merging aesthetics with functionality to craft truly unique environments. Our professionalism ensures precision from concept to completion, while our client-centered approach guarantees that your dreams take center stage. With an expansive portfolio that showcases our ability to transform spaces into captivating narratives, Note Design is your gateway to a world where innovation knows no bounds.

CEO Sunghee Kim(Logan Kim)

The value of space as the value of the brand Note Design, which took its first step as an interior company in 2016, has realized customer impressions based on creative design, construction know-how, and reasonable prices. In particular, he is widely recognized for his capabilities as an interior design partner for global companies such as Tesla, Disney, Roche, and Nivea. In less than 10 years since its foundation, it has recorded remarkable growth thanks to Note Design's small but large difference.

I pay attention to the nature of the brand Interior is not just about decorating the space, but a process of maximizing the identity and merits of the customer's brand. Therefore, Note Design focuses on meeting with customers and field visits before space design. Through this process, it is also up to Note Design to devise and propose concepts that have not been discovered or to present efficient field movements.
I don't miss a forest or a tree It is said that it is difficult for one person to see a forest and a tree at the same time. But Note Design never misses a forest or a tree, with a combination of experienced professionals with at least 10 years of experience and young employees who quickly catch trends. It is to create the best results by implementing a trend-leading interior while being faithful to the essence of the brand.
I enjoy jumping over the boundaries Note Design increases project efficiency through solid processes. However, we enjoy collaborating with local designers such as the United States, Indonesia, Germany, and China, as well as internal staff with extensive multinational work experience to flexibly respond to the characteristics of our clients or projects. This flexible and creative system has been the driving force for Note Design to expand its scope to graphic design and exhibition space design as well as interior design.
I believe that employee satisfaction is customer satisfaction to satisfy customers, employees must first take pride in themselves. This is why Note Design strives to provide opportunities for learning and self-development in a horizontal atmosphere of respect for each other. Furthermore, we would like to create a stage where talented people can fulfill their dreams in the world with Note Design.
Although it has become one of the best interior design companies in a short period of time, there are still many things I want to do in Note Design. A company that keeps the basics, leads the trend, shares unique know-how, but always challenges. We ask you to participate in the new path of space branding that Note Design opens.
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Yuyoung Jeong


Note Design Organization Chart : Fostering Collaboration and Expertise

At Note Design, our organization chart reflects our commitment to fostering collaboration, nurturing expertise, and ensuring seamless project execution. Our structure is designed to facilitate clear communication, empower creativity, and deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Note Design Certificate

In the realm of interior design, where aesthetics meet functionality, there exists a visionary firm that stands out for its commitment—Note Design. Renowned for their impeccable sense of style and unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability, quality assurance, and health and safety management, Note Design has earned its place as an industry leader.


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